Silent Thread Fashion

Migration of a fashion company to the Shopify platform.

Full Site Setup
UI Design
Product Migration

Not all stores are made equal.

Managing a clothing brand with big collections and many variants can become quite laborious. The work grows exponentially if whenever changes or tweaks need to be made. This makes it difficult for a brand to scale in the future. This is further limited by the E-commerce platform if not already using Shopify.

A challenge for brands with many collections is to create a good customer experience. There might be too many collections to look through and customers often feel overwhelmed. This greatly affects conversion rates.


Let's break it down.

It was a no brainer for Silent Thread Fashion to expand to the Shopify platform due to the ease in managing and updating large amounts of products and their variants. Shopify was made to handle any stores that hold huge collections. Thus, would make the store easier to scale as more products are added in the store.

Filter and Search

I used a premium theme to implement a Filter and Search feature, allowing users to intuitively browse and narrow their search so they can easily hone in on what they are looking for. This massively increases conversion rates and provides stress-free shopping experience.

Beautiful UX Cart Interface

To further improve chances of purchase and increase revenue, I added an AJAX Cart (side panel cart), so customers can easily access their cart without leaving the current page. This makes the transition from shopping to checkout smoother and removes barriers to conversion.

Shop the look

One of my favorite features is the “Shop the look”. This feature generates an image showcasing multiple products and the customer can click on the item they like to view more information and proceed directly to checkout. This is a powerful tool to use for new arrivals, making it easier than ever to guide the customer through the shopping experience and convert into sales. As an added bonus, it improves the customer’s visual experience which is also proven to increase conversion rate.


Check it out.

With the freedom to grow and limitless customization possibilities, Silent Thread Fashion online store has been built with the ability to scale in the long-term and help streamline many laborious tasks. It has also been built with priority in the customer visual experience and ease of use.

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